The idea of the site is to be simple to read and navigate and primarily for the Mavericks and others interested in the Alphington sports club skittle league.

However if you've got this far I thought it might be of interest how the site is put together. The pages are created with a text editor and I try to make the code work correctly with Internet Explorer and Firefox. I also like to try and get the code to validate correctly checking with the W3C validator. CSS style sheets are used to simplify things and make changes easier to implement as well as bringing consistency.

The league tables are created using javascript arrays with a sorting mechanism in the code.Then the created results columns are copied into the text editor and cut and pasted into the existing table page to replace last weeks scores. I found this saved lots of time over manually trying to sort the table. I left the javascript code in the average table pages to show the code.To see this, use View then Source on the menu bar on the relevant page.

I've also experimented a bit with using some ajax functionality, notably with the site map page, which shows when the document was last updated when you hover the mouse over the link. Also with the next match page, which has an interactive calendar to show fixtures. The site is a learning experience for me and its great when something works but it may take a few goes to get it right!